After a routine surgery, an Employee Partner developed an infection which delayed their return to work. The E.P.C.F. helped pay the rent as well as provided groceries.


During a divorce, an Employee Partner and children lost their home due to foreclosure and were staying in a shelter. The E.P.C.F. assisted by getting them into an apartment and helping them provide for household needs.


Unable to work for twelve days due to a hospitalization, an Employee Partner was given assistance for rent, auto insurance and groceries.


An Employee Partner’s spouse passed away after a long battle with cancer. Assistance was provided to pay funeral expenses.


Due to a domestic situation at home, an Employee Partner was given assistance to be able to move into a new apartment.


A fire destroyed an Employee Partner’s home, leaving the family displaced. The E.P.C.F. assisted with mortgage payments as well as helping provide for necessities after the fire.

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